Vodafone Germany's CEO is optimistic about the Nokia- Microsoft deal

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3 Nov 2010
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Symbian fans were given a swift slap to the face,
last month, when Nokia and Microsoft announced their partnership for Windows Phone 7 devices.
Although Windows Phone 7 is steadily gaining both recognition and adoption, Nokia's choice still
came as a surprise. During an interview at the CeBIT trade show in
Hanover, Vodafone Germany's CEO expressed an
optimistic outlook for the deal between Microsoft
and Nokia. Jan Geldmacher said that "We are
looking very much forward to the new products
that will come from this cooperation between Microsoft and Nokia." And this kind of optimism
from carriers will be essential to their success. Geldmacher went on to express his impressions of
the market: "The market is dominated right now by
Apple, and Android is picking up fast. RIM, in the
enterprise field, is a very very important solution as
well." And while his previous comments might
sound like the market is already flooded, Geldmacher explained that "a 4th operating system with Nokia and Microsoft will be a very positive thing for the market overall." But we have to ask: is a "positive thing for the
market" the same as a positive thing for Nokia and
their customers? Nokia was right to avoid the
crowded bandwagon that is Android, but will they
get lost in the milieu entirely by adopting Windows Phone 7?

source: NetworkWorld (YouTube) via Daily Mobile
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