Very severe Cyclone Vardah to make landfall tomorrow

Even private organizations are advised to announce leave tomorrow..
Cathay pacific from HK avoiding the cyclone 

The speed of the wind is about 100kmph to 120kmph.. Not sure if all my dish setups are there on my roof. Out of 4 dishes, two are correctly fit. One is placed with a connector to the pipe. Other one just placed on the side of the wall. I think the last two would have been fly in the sky.. I can check it only after Wednesday since I will be in native till Tuesday.
Same thing happened last night on ACT Fibernet... Now its raining at Hyderabad
So with Jio.. Speed has been slow from yesterday!!
with Aircel also 3 hrs once pblm in net .. Very slow loading ..
Here also net is very slow from yesterday onwards :s
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