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CircusGun launches a soul touching video on devastation of cyclone Vardha


21 Jun 2013
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The Chennai based digital content platform CircusGun has created a digital video to highlight the intensity of devastation caused by cyclone Vardha in Chennai that paralyzed the City.

The calamity that struck Chennai on 12 December was something never seen by Chennaites in the past history. As the eye of the cyclone crossed exactly over Chennai city to make a landfall; the city witnessed another horrible disasters December similar to December floods in 2015 and Tsunami in 2004. The 140 KMS speed winds almost swept away a chunk of cities green cover wrecking havoc that resulted in falling of lakhs and lakhs of trees.

As a mark of remembering this disastrous moment, Digital media platform Circus gun has created a heartwarming digital video titled “I MISS YOU” that was made from the viewpoint of a little Child.

The video, “I MISS YOU” shows the little girl venturing out of her house without any knowledge about the catastrophe caused by the cyclone. The Sorrow strikes her upon seeing the condition of the children’s park with trees uprooted everywhere. The child is calmly watching the ruins and stars at her regular play area with at most grief. The tree under which she plays every day is inclined motionless. The child goes near the tree and puts her best of effort to lift it back… After couple of attempts she realizes that the tree is gone forever…. Finally, she kisses the tree and tells “I Miss you”.

The entire video has only one dialog, which is “I Miss you” but the soul stirring Background score stirs the emotion of the viewers.

Circus gun has dedicated this video for the lakhs and lakhs of trees which has fallen for the Vardha cyclone and spreads the message to plant more trees. “I Miss You” was directed by Mohammed Ansari and Baby Shanaz delivered her best to express the present state of mind of fellow children in Chennai.

The video posted on the Circusgun Facebook page has garnered 70,000 views in single day and its reaching the masses rapidely. Circus gun is a digital venture of Magic Square Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

CircusGun launches soul touching video "I Miss You"
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