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Discussion * Valid ONLY ONCE * Jio Fiber Amazon Prime Subscription

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23 Feb 2018
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This is my theory (so it could be wrong :)):

- 17 May 2021: You avail the offer. Jio flags you as 'offer availed' and 'subscription availed' and both these statuses are maintained till 17 May 2022.
- 27 Aug 2021: When you renewed, Jio has flagged you as 'offer availed' so no banner shown. Also, your free offer start date gets reset to the end of your current plan 21 Sep 2021, so you will not get any free offer till 21 Sep 2022.
- 17 May 2022: When one year of Amazon Prime subscription ended, Jio started showing you the banner, but since you were flagged as offer already availed till 21 Sep 2022, Jio did not offer you the free renewal.
- 17 May 2022: You renewed through Jio billing, so you have been flagged as 'subscription availed' till 17 May 2023. No banner will be shown till that date.
- 21 Sep 2022: As Jio has flagged you as as 'subscription availed' till 17 May 2023, you will not see the banner till that date.

My guess is that on 17 May 2022 if you had renewed for four months directly on Amazon Prime, you would have seen the free offer banner on 21 Sep 2022. That is what happened to me.

Now you will see the paid offer banner on 17 May 2023. At this point do not renew through Jio. Renew for five months directly with Amazon Prime. Then wait till 16 Oct 2023 till your current plan expires, and when your new plan activates you will see the free offer banner.

Yeah. That makes sense in a way.

I will update here on what happens after the Prime subscription ends in May 2023.

Thank you for your inputs! 🙂
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