Urban lifestyle is the big killer in Mumbai


7 Apr 2011
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Mumbai: Life in the fast lane, fuelled by stress and fast food - your daily routine could be your heart's greatest enemy. Data compiled from the BMC's death certificates issued in 2010, reveals an alarming trend.


Last year, heart ailments were the number one killer in the city - claiming 32 per cent more lives than ever before, That's compared to claiming 19 per cent of lives nation-wide.

With every one in eight Mumbaikar a diabetic, death due to diabetes related complications increased by 52 per cent.

Diabetes and Heart related complications took around 30,000 lives last year.

More than a lakh and a half Mumbaikars have succumbed to cardiac diseases in the last seven years. But the overall mortality saw a dip til 2006 - but this sudden spurt in fatalities has never been recorded before.

Dr Hasmukh Ravat, Cardio Surgeon, Fortis Hospital said, "The sudden spurt is difficult to pin point a single factor probably. But I think the more competance, more stress level, more younger populations are getting affected. and overall that has impacted overall mortality of the heart problems."

Across India, Doctors are seeing younger heart attacks - that's below the age of 35 - which are dangerous because of how they impact the heart. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) found blood vessel damage and the basic heart condition of a 35-year-old urban Indian, almost the same as that of a 60-year-old American's!

"If you look at our western counter part only 3 per cent or 5 per cent will be less than 40 and if you look at our population then 20 per cent of the total heart attacks are under the age of 45-50, "Dr Hasmukh Ravat added.

For a healthy heart, it is never too late to stub that butt out, eat right and exercise regularly.

Source: ibnlive.in.com
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