Good News Tubi TV App Has 33 Anime Series & Separate Dedicated Kids Section Along With other Genre Movies And Shows

Wow! It also has Super Sentai Seasons. Super old ones though.


For those who don't know, every season Power Rangers is inspired by a season of Super Sentai. You can definitely notice some familiar costumes in the Screenshot above.
Infact, most of the fight scenes, megazord scenes & scenes in suits are directly taken from Super Sentai. Only the scenes without suit are freshly shot.
The majority favorite Power Rangers S.P.D. is inspired from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.
North America has always huge collection of animes irrespective of OTT. Even AMAZON Prime has some great animes including Isekai Genre's GOAT No game No life in America while the same is not available in India.😭
No Game No Life is available on Ani-One Asia You Tube channel in Asian region.
Because in asian region those rights are with Muse, Medialink and ODEX.. They love dealing with Netflix, Animax, Aniplus and local channels in South East Asia only. They tried with Amazon Prime Video Asia but results were horrible..

Can we make a separate thread exclusively for anime? That thread will contain every news about anime in India. Like where we can watch it, news about animes and upcoming animes, recommendation of new animes etc? There is one for cartoons but there isn't for animes. @Bapun Raz Bhai. Please let me know.
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