Good News Tubi TV App Has 33 Anime Series & Separate Dedicated Kids Section Along With other Genre Movies And Shows

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28 Apr 2018
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Tubi TV App has 33 Anime series & separate dedicated kids section along with other genre shows and movies

Tubi TV is free ad sponsored legal streaming app & site, they show ads and without subcription we could watch shows with few ads even less ads compared to other apps. it contains several different free movies and they regularly add new shows & movies every week. though they have less new shows they do have few good gem of older movies .

The List Of Anime series are

Yu-Gi- Oh Zexal
Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V
( Newer Seasons of Yu gi oh card game anime series- old Anime series earlier long back used to air in Hungama TV in India)

RWBY: Volume 1
RWBY: Volume 3
RWBY: Chibi S1

Aika(subbed &dubbed)

Dagger of Kamui (based on japenese novel)

My Daddy Long Legs ( based on Novel- old Anime series- about a orphan girl who gets oppurtunity to study at prestigious school , gets mysterious benefactor who helps her- she unable to see him when he leaves she only sees his shadow of legs, she only able to do one thing write a letter to her benefactor as gratitude every month- now it seems they took this idea for 1 indian south indian film )
Junkers Came Here (1985 old anime about a girl & her pet dog named junkers) (both subbed & dubbed)

Bubblegum Crisis- ( Its an Original Video Animation)
Thunder Prison
The Adventure of Tom Sawyer- (based on novel)
Yukikaze (subbed & dubbed) - Direct to video anime
Yukikaze Mave Chan (subbed & dubbed)

Vampire Princess Miyu : Volume 1
Vampire Princess Miyu : Volume 2

SUKISHO!- Can't Stop Loving You ! ( based On jap visual novel)
Angel Sanctuary ( Subbed & dubbed)
Fancy lala
Magical Meow Meow Taruto
Tenmaya Voyagers

Ronin Mecha 1: Captain of Cosmos
Ronin Mecha 2: Defenders Of Space
Ronin Mecha 3: Space Transformer
Ronin Mecha 4: Wonder Of Frontier

( I included both subbed & dubbed thats why counted 33)

Tubi Tv Kids section

has several kids shows & movies
some of them are

The continuing adventures of popeye
old dc llive action shows
Xploration DIY
Millionaire Dog ( this one also feels they took idea for 1 indian movie from this )
Franklin wiith the turtle lake treasure( old animated series used to air in CN india & reboot 3-D series aired few yrs back in Zee Q)

also several Preschool shows section , famuly shows section , Anime for all- kids friends anime ,
Toon tv has old cartoon shows - casper the friendly ghost 2d animated series , popeye,and several others , even furry friends section

In Discover section in tubi tv app has
1.collections - Award winners, Highly rated on rotten tomatoes shws & mvies, cult classics section ,weekly watchlist
2. Genre- 32 different Genres - Action , Anime, Classics, Comedy, Crime TV , Documentary, Docuseries, Drama, Faith, Family movies, Foriegn Language Films, Foriegn Language TV, Horror, Indie Films, Kids Shows, Lifestyle, martial arts, & others-

Channels- BabyFirst TV, Complex Networks, Contv, Docurama, & 2 more

( they need to add some good quality new movies not nt so good new movies quickly) otherwise for casual watching its really a good app , kids separate section is good & even anime , it seems they restrict content region wise) I don't know why Tubi tv app in Sony tv shows more anime or animated series compared to app version or website- i used same jio wifi )



















I Apologise could put all other series description , took it in hurry. they have good app with very rare ads if they could improve their shows they would help in gettinng more subcribers compared to other streaming fremium apps.

Surprising thing there tubi tv website still doesnt have separate kids section yet compared to their app in playstore.

Tubi - Free Movies & TV Shows – Apps on Google Play

Watch Free TV & Movies Online | Stream Full Length Videos | Tubi
They really could build up their content offerings if Fox Entertainment could build its own in-house studio for Fox networks Shows. Now they could really spend some bucks on more mainstream content too as they have backing from Fox Entertainment. Their UI seems to got better significantly compared to 6 months earlier. Great to see that and this kids section which is introduced recently.
Not only One Punch Man but also other popular series like Bleach,Naruto, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Fairy Tail, Hitman Reborn, Yu Tu Hakusho, Stigma of the Wind etc are also available..

Wow bro , i just checked using free VPN using America location , It showed 195 Anime shows in tubi tv website including popular Anime K , Black jack , bakuman etc :smile2:
Wow bro , i just checked using free VPN using America location , It showed 195 Anime shows in tubi tv website including popular Anime K , Black jack , bakuman etc :smile2:
North America has always huge collection of animes irrespective of OTT. Even AMAZON Prime has some great animes including Isekai Genre's GOAT No game No life in America while the same is not available in India.😭
It is available on my Sony Smart Bravia TV as a preinstalled app. Had never checked but came to know by this thread.
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