Trend Micro Introduces Virtualization And Cloud Security Solutions


5 Aug 2011
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Trend Micro has launched its virtualization and cloud security solutions, Deep Security 8.0 and SecureCloud 2.0. The company also revealed its vision for a data-centric security framework that puts the spotlight on data by integrating threat and data protection capabilities within a unified framework, ensuring visibility into who is accessing what data, when, where and how.

Deep Security 8.0 is the agentless anti-malware for virtual environments, and includes intrusion prevention and web application protection as part of an all agentless solution across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. SecureCloud is a cloud data protection that integrates policy-based key management, industry-standard encryption and virtual-server validation to safely and easily deploy data into private cloud environments.

“Trend Micro envisions that during 2012 and beyond, business will need a more holistic and a smarter security. With the rapid consumerization of IT and the sophistication of attacks, businesses will need better and faster threat protection that enables business productivity whilst increasing efficiency and manageability of their security,” informed Mahendra Negi, CEO and CFO, Trend Micro.

According to Gartner, the security industry is at crossroads with an escalation of targeted attacks against companies; growth in the use of unsecured personal mobile devices; and cloud implementations where data can be accessed anytime, anywhere. By the end of 2014, penetration of cloud email and collaboration services (CECS) will stand at 10 percent.

Although Gartner believes that the time is right for some enterprises — particularly smaller ones and organizations in retail, hospitality, and manufacturing — to move at least some users to CECS during the next two years, analysts warned that readiness varies by service provider and urged caution.

“Through 2014, the lack of third-party certifications that adequately address security, continuity and recovery will discourage 30 percent of organizations from using commercial cloud computing. Security remains both a key necessity in the uptake of cloud computing services, and presents a major inhibitor to the adoption of cloud strategies,” said Dan Blum, Vice President, Gartner Inc.

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