HP Expands Enterprise Security Solutions


5 Aug 2011
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HP has expanded its enterprise security solutions portfolio by introducing HP ArcSight Express 3.0, HP Reputation Security Monitor, HP Fortify Software Security Center suite, and HP TippingPoint Web Application Digital Vaccine 2.0 service.

HP ArcSight Express 3.0 delivers correlation, log management, and user-activity monitoring. HP Reputation Security Monitor provides HP ArcSight clients with a real-time list of known bad IP and DNS addresses to combat attacks that exploit web application vulnerabilities. HP Fortify Software Security Center suite is an application security testing solution available on-premises or on-demand. HP TippingPoint Web Application Digital Vaccine (WebAppDV) 2.0 service offers real-time identification of vulnerabilities in Web applications, and delivery of virtual patches.

“Organizations are realizing the importance of a comprehensive risk management strategy to securing assets across their corporate infrastructures and protecting corporate reputation,” said Colin Png, Vice President, Enterprise Marketing, HP Asia Pacific and Japan. “HP’s extended security portfolio provides the protection that enterprises require, while providing customers, employees, partners, and consumers with access to the right enterprise assets.”

HP released the HP Digital Vaccine Labs’ Cyber Security Risks Report, which offers clients a detailed look at vulnerability, threat and attack data for the first half of 2011. This semi-annual report helps enterprises to understand the threat landscape.

HP also introduced new enterprise services: HP Information Security Management (ISM) services that comprehensively manage security policies and processes. HP Enterprise Cloud Service (ECS) - end point threat management protects desktop and notebook PCs and servers against viruses, malware, spyware and intrusions by blocking unauthorized communication and preventing installation of unwanted programs. HP Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services collect and log security-relevant events to provide a unified view of the security activity across an enterprise as well as generating predefined reports to demonstrate compliance with policies and regulations. HP Application Security testing-as-a-service identifies and closes security vulnerabilities in the application layer with code scanning and Web penetration services.

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