Good News Trai mandates telcos to provide pre-paid mobile recharge plans with 30-day validity

i am seeing that
telco airtel/vi and jio will make most practicle use ofthis opportunity
when plan of30 days will be for those
1)who are at bottom of pyramid
2) mostly,99% recharge via dealer network, rather than online
3) hold 2g/jiophone as one and only primary phone

4) trouble and shout them to migrate to lowest 4g plan
5) in term of value it will ending with nearest currency note denomination with considring dealer extra charge/unaccounted commssion. like 49 or 99, so dealer will take 50/100rupee note
6) benefits will be paltry
AVi will make their 28 days plan to 30 days without increasing tarriff. As mostly these days people are using these plans to port out.
Wouldn't that mean that the customers would get varying number of validity days for every month?

Or am I missing something here?!
The regulator has made a case for the same while citing international operators. It has said Vodafone in the UK and Verizon in the US have monthly prepaid plans regardless of how many days there are in a month. “Since availability of prepaid tariffs rechargeable on the same date of every month is in vogue internationally, there is no reason why such a facility should not be made available to Indian telecom consumers as well,” Trai said.

Telecom operators will have to provide recharge plans with a validity of 30 days for pre-paid customers, regulator Trai said on Thursday. The move is expected to reduce the number of recharges done by a customer during a year.

At present, telecom operators provide recharge plans with a validity of 28 days in the pre-paid segment which leads to 13 recharges during the year for customers who look to recharge on a monthly basis. "Every telecom service provider shall offer at least one plan voucher, one special tariff voucher and one combo voucher having a validity of thirty days," Trai said in a notification. Further, telecom companies have been mandated to comply with the order within 60 days from the day of notification of the rules.

Any latest Updates ?
Any New 30 days plan going to launch by telecom companies as 60 days time period going to expire with in few days ?

all telcos has 1or2- 30 days plan
After 7 days my Airtel U/L plan validity is going to expire.
should i wait for 30 days plan or do recharge with old plans ?
plz suggest
After 7 days my Airtel U/L plan validity is going to expire.
should i wait for 30 days plan or do recharge with old plans ?
plz suggest
Before the expiry date send porting message and you will recieve some MNP retention plan exclusive for your number.

Because i done the same and got Rs 719 plan with 2gb data per day for 84 days. like 839 prepaid plan for 719 rs.
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