Good News Trai mandates telcos to provide pre-paid mobile recharge plans with 30-day validity


21 Jun 2013
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Telecom operators will have to provide recharge plans with a validity of 30 days for pre-paid customers, regulator Trai said on Thursday. The move is expected to reduce the number of recharges done by a customer during a year.

At present, telecom operators provide recharge plans with a validity of 28 days in the pre-paid segment which leads to 13 recharges during the year for customers who look to recharge on a monthly basis. "Every telecom service provider shall offer at least one plan voucher, one special tariff voucher and one combo voucher having a validity of thirty days," Trai said in a notification. Further, telecom companies have been mandated to comply with the order within 60 days from the day of notification of the rules.

Even 28 days validity can be digested somehow. But BSNL reduces the validity of good plans from time to time. Say from 28 days to 26 days to 22 days to 20 days. They have plans with weird validity days like 440 days, 18 days, 26 days, 50 days, 300 days, 80 days, 74 days, etc ...
after this news does there any bustling in telecom companies ?
when effect will come of this order?
Airtel will just make a new plan, (like the Rs99 plan with 28 days validity) of Rs109 with 30 days validity. VoId will just launch it for Rs108 in order to create an illusion that their plans are cheaper.

People will still go for Rs99 since it is cheaper relatively. Then Airtel will cry to TRAI saying, "See, we told you na.. People are not interested in 30 days plans"...

" Every telecom service provider shall offer at least one plan voucher, one special tariff voucher and one combo voucher which shall be renewable on the same date of every month. "


How would this work, with different months having different number of days, ranging from 28, 29(every 4 years), 30, and 31.

Wouldn't that mean that the customers would get varying number of validity days for every month?

Or am I missing something here?!

May be like "If you recharge it on 28th, the validity will be till 27th of next month". This is literally a postpaid like scheme, which is not bad. If implemented like this, then there will be NO single reason to go for retail postpaid mobile connection in future.
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