The iFilm Lets You Set Up Your iPhone Camera Anywhere Your Tripod Can’t Go


5 Aug 2011
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The iPhone 4s has a great 8-megapixel camera for quick snapshots and handheld video. However, if you want to grab some really steady shots, carrying around a tripod in your back pocket is not fun.

If you want something smaller and more convenient, though, look no further than the iFilm Kickstarter project by Richmond Co. The iFilm is a small 3D-printed clasp with a mirror that lets you set up your iPhone for any shooting situation.

The iFilm works on simple light reflection physics in the same way a periscope works. When you set the iFilm on a surface, the mirror faces the scene at a 45-degree angle and reflects everything back to the iPhone camera.

As a result, you don’t have to carry around a bulky tripod or have a special case with a tripod mount. The iFilm also lets you skip the whole process of stabilizing and orienting your tripod for the shot.

You can set up with the iFilm on any surface that you can put your iPhone on: You can place it on a flat surface or hang it on the edge of the said surface for vertical shot, and on its side for horizontal images.

There is however one flaw with the iFilm; it uses only one mirror so all your shots will be reversed. Everything that should be on the right will be on the left, but this is something you can fix in post-processing by flipping the image horizontally.

If you like the iFilm, you should head over to its Kickstarter Page and help fund it. You will have to put down a $15 contribution to get the actual iFilm, which is cheaper than the Glif iPhone Stand and Gorilla Mobile.

Source : pcw
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