Alert :‘chaiOS’ bug can freeze your iphone with a single link


1 Jun 2013
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You don’t even have to click the link

A bug has been discovered in iOS that crashes the Messages app and can freeze or restart your phone when you’re sent a specially-engineered website link.

The bug was discovered by software developer Abraham Masri, who gave it the catchy — if slightly alarmist — name of “chaiOS.” It exploits the fact that Messages preloads any links to webpages so it can show users a preview of the page.

Apple said that it’ll fix the bug in a software update next week.

If someone has sent you a copy of the bug and it’s currently stopping you from using Messages on your iPhone, there are a couple of fixes you can try:

Block the domain of the site hosting it. So, if the link is coming from GitHub, for example, go to your Safari settings, then General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > Websites > Limit Adult Content > Never Allow >

Delete the thread the link was sent in. We’ve seen mixed reports about whether this method works — it depends if you can quickly delete the thing before the app crashes.

Reset your iPhone to factory settings. This is an extreme measure as it’ll delete all your files, photos, etc. Don’t do this unless you’ve backed up your phone, and even then, it’s probably better to just...
Wait for a patch.
There's An iMessage "Text Bomb" That Will Freeze Your iPhone
iPhone ‘chaiOS’ bug can freeze your phone with a single link
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