Symantec Debuts Master Specialization


5 Aug 2011
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As part of its go-deep strategy, Symantec has added Master Specialization Partner (MSP) accreditation under its Enhanced Partner Program. The new program will enable partners to provide end-to-end solutions in various domains, with expertise in pre-sales, architectural design, deployment and post-sales. The Master Specialization was introduced at the company’s PartnerEdge conference.

MSP is currently available in six domains namely enterprise security, endpoint management, data loss prevention, IT compliance, and archiving and eDiscovery.
In addition, Symantec will introduce new specializations for storage partners in data protection, high availability and storage management, and encryption in security. It has also launched an SMB segment specialization, which will ultimately provide cross-over opportunities with some of the other niche solution specializations. However, SMB will not be a part of the Master Specialization.
Highlighting the need and importance of MSP, Vineet Sood, Head, Channels and Alliances, Symantec India, said, “The new program is driven by overall company goals and strategies, which include profitability, exceptional customer value and revenue-generating solutions. It is intended to differentiate Symantec partners in the marketplace and establish partner loyalty.”
MSP will have three levels, Platinum, Gold and Silver. The existing Specialization partners will need to invest more in training and certification and dedicated Symantec resources to move up. The company has also made it mandatory for partners to submit customer reports to attain MSP.
“The existing Specialization partners will need to have two trained resources each in sales and technical, and will have to share their business plans and strategies with us. In addition, they will be required to submit customer confidence reports,” informed Sood.
Interestingly, in US, Symantec has waived off revenue targets for MSP, but in India it will continue to be a mandatory requirement. However, their revenue targets will be the same as Specialization partners, and the benefits provided will be significantly more.
“MSPs will have access to advanced tools, access to intellectual property of products they want to specialize in, priority support, stronger marketing and business development assistance and training. We will also regularly work with them to help them build their internal capabilities and develop more business,” said Sood.
Symantec earlier used to provide partners with professional services for pre-sales, deployment and integration for customer projects. “But with MSP we have stopped providing professional services, as we expect partners to provide the entire solution and services,” said Sood.
Symantec presently has 150 Specialization partners in India and it aims to move 15 of them to MSP by end of March 2011.

source : crn
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