Symantec launches updated Norton Mobile Security for Android mobile


21 Jun 2013
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Norton by Symantec has launched a latest version of its flagship mobile solutions “Norton Mobile Security for Android”, featuring a “Report Card” that provides automatic security and privacy analysis and reveals where data travels. The latest version, priced at Rs 599 (for one year), includes an enhanced “App Adviser” feature which deploys proactive protections against malicious apps and other sophisticated threats on Android devices.

“We are seeing a significant uptick in customers installing Norton mobile solutions and believe it is due to people seeking ways to protect their devices which are loaded with sensitive and personal information,” said Ritesh Chopra, Country Manager of Norton by Symantec, in a statement. Since January 2016, Norton by Symantec has identified more than six lakh new pieces of malware apps and over five lakh new pieces of greyware — apps with potential privacy issues or intrusive behaviors.

With the “Report Card” feature, users have a 360-degree view of their mobile device’s security and privacy status, helping them take control of and overcome potential mobile threats and privacy risks. The feature lets users see where their mobile apps send their photos and other personal data.

“It also offers an easy-to-understand list of potential privacy vulnerabilities, like past unsecure Wi-Fi connections so users can understand what data might be at risk and course correct,” the company said. If the device is lost or stolen, “Norton Mobile Security for Android” provides anti-theft capabilities and contacts backup to help users find their device and restore lost information.

Symantec launches updated Norton Mobile Security for Android mobile
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