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Smartapp App Review: A good app that helps you save money on mobile bills


21 Jun 2013
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Do you, like many others live in the fear of finishing your data or talktime before the validity is over? Can't decide which plan is the best for you? Smartapp is here to the rescue!
If you could relate to the two statements above, you certainly wouldn't regret downloading Smartapp. Available on Google Play Store, the app would analyse your monthly usage, and suggest what recharge plan is the best suited for you.
After taking into account your STD calling, your favourite contacts, your call summary, the app shows you a daily, monthly or a weekly analysis of your usage. It further goes on to recommend plans that would help you save money on mobile recharge.

From what we saw, it came up with recharge plans that gave us better value for money than the plan we used previously. A unique feature of the app is the Smart combo feature. Here, based on your past usage, it estimates the amount of time you spend on local and STD calls. Then it suggests a plan for you that may be a combination of two.
Based on our usage (on Airtel of Rs 500 per month, approx), when we used this feature, the Smartapp suggested that we get Rs 50 recharge done for talktime and a separate recharge for local and STD minutes for Rs 196 (which gives you about 350 minutes of local calling). Put together, this would cost us Rs 246, which is far less than what we usually spend on our monthly mobile recharge.
What makes it even better is that, unlike most other apps where you have to purchase separate plans for yourself, Smartapp lets you buy the combination plan it suggests for you, straight from the app.
Although currently you would need to log in via your Facebook or Google+ account to get recharges done, very soon the app will give users the option to sign in with a legit E-mail ID.
You can also get 3G and 4G recharges or SMS packs via Smartapp. And if you are a postpaid user, you can pay your bills through it, too. Furthermore, it also lets you check your data usage, so you would exactly know which app is using most of your cell data.
In our experience, the app worked smoothly and was fairly easy to understand and work with. However, currently it is only available for Android. Other OS users will have to wait before they can use it.

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