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Shah Rukh Khan banned from entering Wankhede


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6 May 2012
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The Mumbai Cricket Association officials have lodged a police complaint against Kolkata Knight Riders IPL franchise team co-owner Shah Rukh Khan for his alleged misbehaviour on Wednesday night at the Wankhede Stadium and decided to ban him for life from entering the premises.

“We have lodged a complaint against him at the Marine Drive Police station (for his alleged misbehaviour against MCA officials),” informed MCA secretary Nitin Dalal.

The Bollywood star had an altercation with the security and officials of the association after the Knight Riders had swamped Mumbai Indians, according to MCA treasurer Ravi Savant.

“He misbehaved and abused the MCA security personnel as well as MCA officials, including our president Vilasrao Deshmukh, after the IPL match (between KKR and Mumbai Indians). We have decided to ban him for life from entering the stadium in future,” said Savant, who alleged that the actor was in a totally inebriated state.

Giving the background to what happened after the KKR’s 32-run rout of MI in the last IPL game of the season at the Wankhede stadium, Savant said that Shah Rukh and his posse of bodyguards had gone up to the teams’ dressing room and then come down and started to step on to the ground.

“The MCA security personnel told them they cannot do so as the match was over which led to Shah Rukh abusing them as well as the MCA officials. There was manhandling too by his people. We have decided to ban him from all future matches at the stadium. We are also going to lodge a police complaint against him,” said Savant.

Savant also said that one of the members of the MCA’s managing committee who is also a top police official, Iqbal Sheikh, tired to intervene and pacify the actor but could not do so as he was in no mood to listen to anyone.

Asked whether MCA would lodge a complaint with the BCCI over one of the IPL team’s owner’s behaviour, Savant said all the altercation had taken place in the presence of IPL CEO Sundar Raman and BCCI’s media manager Devendra Prabhudesai.

“Of course we will lodge a complaint with the BCCI also,” said Savant.

Dalal said the MCA is scheduled to have a managing committee meeting next week and would discuss the scandal.

The controversy vis—a—vis Shah Rukh has come a few days after the cash—rich T20 league was rocked by a sting carried out by a private TV channel in which five players were caught allegedly in trying to indulge in corrupt practices.

Via The Hindu


2 May 2011
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ya, he had many issues like this on past
most recent checked by police in airport and now this
and bad by and for him
he should be aware of these mistakes......


16 Feb 2012
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Shah Rukh Khan used such foul words I can't tell you: MCA official

MUMBAI: Mumbai Cricket Association officials on Thursday rubbished Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's version of the fracas at the Wankhede Stadium last night, saying his statement had no basis.

"If that (abuse by MCA people) was the case, then why was the complaint lodged (against him). If he was not drunk then what was he inebriated with?" MCA treasurer Ravi Savant told reporters.

"It's not worth reacting. We had BCCI officials with us. We had police officers with us. We had MCA officials with us. I don't think I need to react to Shah Rukh's statement," said Savant.

Earlier in the day, Khan had denied at a press conference at his home that he was drunk and claimed the scuffle broke out after MCA officials manhandled his kids who he had come to pick after the IPL match between KKR and Mumbai Indians last night.

"I was not drunk, I had gone to pick up my children. The officials were extremely aggressive. I just got angry but I left after that. I said a few things in anger. I was one and they were 20-25 officials and they were extremely rude. When I tried to answer them, they hid behind others," Khan said.

The Bollywood star had an altercation with the security personnel and officials of the association after the Knight Riders had swamped Mumbai Indians, according to a police complaint lodged by MCA joint secretary Nitin Dalal with the Marine Drive police station after the ugly spat.

Dalal also rubbished Bollywood actor's version of the fracas.

"He abused us in such a way that I can't tell you. The language he used was very bad. His behaviour is not acceptable," said Dalal.

Savant said he would push for a life ban on Khan at the MCA's managing committee meeting on Friday and was confident he will be supported by those who were present last night and witnessed the fracas.

"The way he behaved and the way he abused us, I will definitely propose that he be banned for life. Whatever members were with us yesterday there is unanimity that he be dealt with strictly and very strongly. With that perception I think they will be with me," said Savant.

"A meeting has been called to decide on the issue tomorrow at 11 am," he informed.

The MCA official also dismissed Shah Rukh's claims that the children with him were manhandled by MCA security personnel.

"It's all a lie. 20-25 children went on to the ground but no one misbehaved with them. These are all afterthoughts," he said.

"I didn't go for the match, I went to pick up my children. I have no clarification to give. They should look at their association and how they behave. They cannot, under the garb of security, be high-handed with people, especially children," Khan had said at the media conference.

Savant said he would be happy if Khan does not come to the stadium in future.

"If he doesn't come, we will be definitely happy. Discipline on a cricket ground is of primary importance and if he does not understand that, he does not understand the game and it's better he does not come here. If he does not come, still the game will go on," he said.

When asked why the BCCI was taking a diplomatic stand on the issue, he said, "I will not call it diplomatic. It all happened at midnight. Thereafter we were busy with our own office (work). We are all honorary workers here. I am coming back from my office. Now I will be reporting it officially and they (BCCI) will follow whatever is the procedure required," he said.

Savant was also amused by the actor's statement in the media conference that he was alone and was confronted by 25 MCA people.

"Does Shah Rukh roam around alone anywhere?" he countered.

He also said that it was up to the police to convert the complaint lodged by Dalal with them against the actor into a First Information Report.

"It all now depends on the police. We have done what we had to. If police think there is merit they would convert it into an FIR. They are now conducting an enquiry," he pointed out.

MCA joint secretary Nitin Dalal, on his part, said that the MCA security was right in asking Khan and his entourage to leave the ground after the match.

"He had no right to go to the ground after the game and presentation ceremony. Our guards were right in stopping him," Dalal said.

"Our officials have been manhandled by these people. He has abused MCA and BCCI. The claim by Shah Rukh that MCA's security guards abused him is false and baseless," he added.

In his complaint to the police, Dalal has accused Khan of abusing the MCA security personnel, MCA and BCCI officials in vulgar and filthy language.

"Mr Shah Rukh Khan was in an inebriated state and continued to abuse in vulgar and filthy language," the complaint said, adding the actor had also manhandled an MCA watchman who had asked him and others to "vacate the stadium".

"Mr Shah Rukh Khan charged on him and hit the MCA watchman Mr Dalvi and continued to abuse him in vulgar language," the complaint letter to the police stated, adding all these unsavoury happenings took place in the presence of IPL CEO Sundar Raman.
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