SD channel looks fuzzy in LCD TV?

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My old SONY CRT TV has got some problem, it is not turning 'ON', so rather spending a lot of money in repairing i am thinking to buy new LCD TV..

I have checked some showrooms but noticed that SD channel looks fuzzy in LCD TV, only HD channels looks great.. So i think still, only CRTs are better in showing SD channels..

So plz tel me..

- in LCD TV, is there any other way to get SD channels in good quality as CRT TVs or even better?

- SD channel looks fuzzy even in small screen like 15", 19", 22" LCD / LED TVs?

- Setting up LCD TV's resolution to 480i/480p can help in this matter? Bcoz i think SD channel's imperfections appears in LCD bcoz LCD's resolution is 720i/1080p ..

- & also using of component video can help in this matter?
pporwal77 said:
Go For Panasonic Plasma

Plz give proper answer/reply seeing my question..

I am not that much rich to buy plasma tv.. My budget is only upto 15,000 rupees..
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