Script to Update Plugins for 1.6.5

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3 Nov 2010
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pavemen said:
I've updated my original script ( to actually update the plugin files now. All the fixes use the "reference" method by adding "&" where needed.


Where needed = function called by affected hook and no "&" already present

So I suggest that you backup your ENTIRE plugins folder and any subfolders.

Remove any old version of my original script from the plugins folder

Download the attached file to your local computer, open it in a text editor and make sure that $dryrun is set to 1 and the $plugin_dir is correct

Save and upload the file to your forum root (where index.php and showthread.php are located)

Direct your browser to the newly uploaded file and it will output all the hooks its looking for in each directory (plugins and subfolders), each file, each function/hook then all the files that will actually be changed and how many fixes in each will be applied

If it all looks okay, edit your local copy and change $dryrun to 0, save and upload.

Reload the browser page and wait for the done message. All changed files will be listed.

Run it again and there should be no changed files listed, indicating the files were updated the first pass.

Feedback accepted, please use at your risk, but it seems to be working on my server.

If the plugin author has already updated his/her plugin, I suggest that you use that version instead.
All the plugins not working in latest mybb.

I have upgraded all our forum used plugin in some mints and now everything is working here.

The plugin authors may upgrade them but before them i have done...haha
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