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Facebook redesigns Like plugin, launches Chrome extensions for saving, sharing links


21 Jun 2013
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Facebook has updated its full suite of social plugins that includes a redesigned Like plugin. It has also launched two new Chrome extensions, Share to Facebook and Save to Facebook, which allow quick and easy access to users to share and save content with and from Facebook, without needing to copy links and paste them on their profiles.

Other than that, you must have noticed Facebook’s like buttons on various websites that you visit. Effectively, most websites feature social media plugins, which allow easy sharing of the content on social networking platforms. For an example, clicking on the Facebook Like button right on the website you directly transfer likes on that particular post on Facebook. The icon has been now redesigned.

Earlier, the like button carried the signature ‘F’ of Facebook along with the total number of likes, however, Facebook felt that a viewer would relate more to the thumbs up icon instead of the ‘F’ logo and therefore it has now updated the button accordingly.

Additionally, the updated social plugins are also compatible with mobile sites. Facebook has prepared different sizes for the icons and so developers can use whichever suits best for their website. Not just the like button, Facebook has made some design changes to all its social plugins, giving them a much neater look now.

Further, in the coming weeks, publishers putting up Instant Articles will be able to add Like, Comment and Share buttons to the bottom of their articles, and any interaction with these buttons will automatically be included in the aggregate like and share count on their profiles.

Facebook redesigns Like plugin, launches Chrome extensions for saving, sharing links | Latest Tech News, Video & Photo Reviews at BGR India
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