Samsung to introduce letter-based naming scheme for Galaxy smartphones


5 Aug 2011
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Following the suit of Nokia, Samsung is set to come up with a new naming strategy for its Galaxy smartphones. The makers of Galaxy S II will now name their future Galaxy devices with single letters – 'S', 'R', 'W', 'M' and 'Y'. The 'S' class will denote Samsung's flagship device followed by 'R', 'W', 'M' and 'Y' as the sub categories. The classifications, 'R', 'W', 'M' and 'Y', are based on the specs and prices of the devices.
S sits on the top and denotes the premium Samsung devices. 'R' stands for Royal or Refined and the prices of the devices under this category range between EUR 300 and 400. 'W', associated with term Wonder, is a high-priced category ranging between EUR 200-300. Then we hit 'M' that stands for Magical and denotes the devices priced between EUR 130-200. The last category, 'Y', stands for Young-minded. These are the entry level smartphones with price less than EUR 130.
Samsung has also made some more changes to the naming scheme. The new versions of phones will come with a number after the letter, such as the Galaxy S II. The phones with modified specifications but with no major design changes will come with a plus added on. The Samsung PRO phones will feature QWERTY keyboard. The LTE phones will get LTE in their names.
Samsung's new naming scheme is an apparent attempt to ensure recognisable and distinguishable names for its smartphones. Even as the major brands coming up with unique and catchy names for their devices, Samsung seems to be getting rid of the confusion and saving time and energy spent on naming a new device. Earlier, Nokia also revamped its naming scheme. The Finnish company is again back to its numbering system and that the names will have no more dashes, hyphens and whatnot for any kind of confusion.

Source : Digit magazine.
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