RIM Could Be Preparing A 4.3" Superphone


2 May 2011
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It is a general opinion that RIM has been slow in embracing the latest technology with its BlackBerry handsets. The company has only slightly revamped the design and user interface of its recent products. It's also currently suffering from a financial crisis, which resulted in a few employees getting laid off this month. Nevertheless, RIM has set out to change all that with its new generation of BlackBerry handsets. With the introduction of the BlackBerry OS 7, RIM has shown some promise. There are a couple of handsets lined up for launch, such as the Bold 9900 with which the manufacturer hopes to get back into the game.

Meanwhile, RIM tried its luck in the tablet industry with the BlackBerry PlayBook, which is a 7" tablet based on the BlackBerry Tablet OS, but it failed to impress. Shortly after the launch, rumors about a 10.1" successor to the PlayBook started making the rounds. The Canadian business phone manufacturer has been looking for an opportunity that could turn its fortune around. However, new reports suggest that the company has dumped plans for the new tablet and is actually thinking of a smartphone based on the same 1.2 GHz processor like the Bold 9900.

This new handset is said to feature a 4.3" touchscreen display and will apparently be based on QNX. I've never seen a display bigger than 3.25" on a BlackBerry device, but then, there is always a first time. I'm not quite sure if this info is to be believed, but according to the source, the info available is genuine. It is also said that this handset could have a display resolution of "900+" - I have no idea what that means.

Maybe this is what RIM needs to up its game in the market. There is no mention of a launch date or even a codename for the alleged "superphone". If this rumor turns out to be true, I think it may be time for the competition to start worrying a bit.

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