Report: Google prepping a Siri rival for Android, Google Assistant


5 Aug 2011
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Google is reportedly prepping a voice-enabled application for Android platform, similar to Apple's popular voice assistant Siri. Google is likely to launch its own version of Siri by the fourth quarter of this year. Dubbed as “Google Assistant”, Google's assistant is expected to surpass the features and capabilities of Apple's Siri.

It's notable that Google had what we all call voice-based apps long before Apple's Siri was came to the fray. Few months ago, rumours and reports had indicated that Google is working on 'Project Majel' – a Siri-like voice assistant. Reports suggest that the Google Assistant will not be a standalone app. Google is mulling over releasing an API for developers so that it is integrated into all types of apps, reports The Verge, adding that the project isn't handled by the Google X Laboratory but the Android team. The team is working on a voice-powered ‘do-engine', which will be powered by Google’s, Google+ social network and Google +1.

Siri had generated a lot of excitement across the world after it was launched with the latest iPhone 4S. The growing popularity prompted launch of similar apps on different platforms. Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie had then played down Siri's popularity, saying Siri received so much press because "people are infatuated with Apple." He also stressed that Microsoft had a similar capability in Windows phones for more than a year, since Windows Phone 7 was introduced.

Source : Digit
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