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7 Apr 2011
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1. What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.

IP based TV service is delivered using the Internet Protocol (IP) technology. It is the same technology used to deliver Internet on your PC. For IPTV service, you require a broadband connection, a digital Set-Top-Box and a TV.

IPTV offers services such as hundreds of digital quality channels (standard definition (SD)and Hi-Definition (Hi-Def), video on demand, digital video recording, interactive applications etc.

Note: IPTV is not internet TV viewed on your PC. Neither it is internet browsing on TV.

2. What are the unique features of Reliance IPTV?

Reliance IPTV offers
Hundreds of digital quality channels (Standard Definition (SD) and Hi-Definition (Hi-Def)
Pause n Play Live TV
Video On Demand real-time - you can watch a movie when u want to. You can also use DVD like functions - rewind, fast forward, pause n play.
Digital Video Recording (DVR)-with a DVR Set-Top Box, you can now record up to 50 hours of your favourite TV programming.
7 day interactive program guide with picture in picture
Quick zapper guide (mini-guide) with picture in picture
Quick Channel change
Interactive applications/features such as

Efficient Parental Locking
Sort channels by category and channel logos
Search by program titles/movies/ person
Set your own favourite channel list
Manage your IPTV account
Games n edutainment
Multifunction remote: operates your TV, STB and DVD player.

3. When will Reliance IPTV service be launched?

The Reliance IPTV service is currently available in select areas of Mumbai. It will also be made available in all major cities and towns of India.

4. I already have cable / DTH service, will I have to disconnect my existing TV service to run IPTV?

No, you do not require to disconnect your existing cable / DTH service. You can simply connect your IPTV to alternate AV input of your TV to enjoy uninterrupted IPTV services.

5. Can I use my landline phone and internet with Reliance IPTV service?

Yes, all three services i.e. Landline Phone, Broadband and IPTV can be used simultaneously without interference.

6. How much will Reliance IPTV cost?

Reliance IPTV has two service offerings-Standard service and DVR service. Tariffs will be announced shortly.

7. What is high definition TV?
I do not have an LCD/Plasma/Hi-Definition TV, can I still have IPTV service?
Can I still watch high definition content on my standard TV.

High Definition TV enhances digital quality picture and sound. Most LCDS and Plasmas available in the market today are HD ready. This means they are ready to support high definition content.

You can watch high definition content on your standard TV, but to get a real high definition experience you will require a HD ready TV.
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