Reliance 3G Tab: Exclusive Test Lab Preview


5 Aug 2011
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The recently launched and much publicized Reliance 3G Tab has made its way to our test labs, while we dig deep into it for a detailed review, we are ready with our initial impressions and some exclusive images.
Initial Impressions:
Build quality is quite acceptable, the device feels reasonably solid and the finish does not feel cheap or typically low-cost.
While it’s not as slim as an iPad 2, the Reliance 3G Tab is identical in dimensions as the Samsung Galaxy Tab (very first 7-inch version); it’s not overly chunky or heavy.
The 7-inch capacitive screen is largely accurate in response, though there are occasional freezes and stutters. Colours appear washed out and contrast isn’t a strong point of this tablet.
Gingerbread performance is average for most part, it can be compared to the LG Optimus P500 running on Gingerbread. Overall, the lag is not frustrating but does not go unnoticed either.
The battery charging seems pretty fast, 10 minutes of charging pushed the battery level to 9% from a completely discharged unit.
We ran couple of initial benchmarks, the Reliance 3G Tab logged a score of 950 points on the Quadrant Standard benchmark
The camera quality is rubbish, enough said.
With Bharti Airtel launching the Rs 9,999 Android tablet under the "Beetel" umbrella, the budget/value tablet space seems to be finally seeing the light of the day, expect lot more announcements soon. We shall be out with our detailed review of the Reliance 3G Tablet with more benchmarks and tests in the 48 hours, stay tuned...

Source : Digit magazine.
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