RCom expands enterprise product portfolio with Cloud X WAN

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21 Jun 2013
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Reliance Communications unveiled a software-based WAN (wide area network) product from its subsidiary Global Cloud Xchange, targeting banks, government departments and others firms having offices across the country.

"Cloud X WAN is the first 'Make in India' Cloud-centric network platform. This will help companies save on bandwidth when they use cloud services. The software defined (SD) WAN will be deployed in branch offices which will help organisations work faster," Rcom (Enterprise) and GCX CEO Bill Barney said at the launch event.

He said the company will look at enterprises, specially banks and government departments that have branches or offices across the country.

Nowadays, companies, instead of buying full software licence, pay for them as per use. Under cloud services, many companies, like Microsoft, Adobe, SAP provide software on remote data-centres that can be accessed by organisations online.

RCom Enterprise and GCX Senior VP Braham Singh said with SD WAN deployment, branches can work locally instead of waiting for frequent updates from cloud server installed at head office.

"The SD WAN will help companies in saving on data cost as the work can be done locally in the branch premises. Most of the career (cloud service providers) don't provide this because of cannibalisation. They fear that such facility will take away their private link (bandwidth connection) business," Singh said.

He said GCX expects to capitalise on SD WAN without worrying for 'private link' sale.

Barney said he expects 50 percent of existing GCX customers to start using SD WAN within 12-36 months.

RCom expands enterprise product portfolio with Cloud X WAN
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