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Popular Indian hacker, Ankit Fadia's site hacked


5 Jul 2012
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Ankit Fadia has been in the news for being one of India’s first ethical hackers. He has been recognized by a number of software companies. Reportedly, just a few days back, Ankit Fadia’s official site got hacked by a group called Team Grey Hat. The hackers seem to have gotten access to the files on his server. A Pastebin dump has been setup that shows screenshots of the files.

Access to files on the serer

The note by the hacker group rubbishes Ankit Fadia as a hacker and his courses. The pastebin dump also mentions the database details, including the username and password used. The Hacker News claims that the site was also hacked by another hacker - Himanshu Sharma, who’s said to be well known in the circles at the age of 17.

Ankit Fadia was seen on several TV shows, recently as a host offering tech and security advice to his viewers. At the same time, there have been a bunch of other activities, such as writing security books, that have been published in the market. He’s also known to give talks and speak in seminars on security related topics.
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