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Breaking TikTok hacked


23 Aug 2018
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I mean, it all depends on human resources as well, and what developers would do for the specific security conditions. Of course, if we talk about Netflix - it would be hard as hell, I think. Talking of which, what do you think about promoting tools ( like here ) for channels in such services like TikTok and Netflix? Do you think it's fair that someone can visit any channel and statistics on that channel or account would be artificially bloated? What should administrators do with that?
I ain't clicking some unknown links.
How are we getting the contents that are in Netflix 🤔🤔

There are many Telegram channels which are sharing Netflix, Hotstar account of hacked ppl... Isn't that hacking 🤔🤔
It's a password scam. They aren't hacking Netflix.
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