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Breaking Paramount plus content to be available in voot


27 Oct 2018
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With the launch of paramount plus in US , Canada and Latin America . ViacomCBS is planning for launch of its most anticipated streaming service in international market.
And Australia and UK seeing launch in mid 2021. Viacomcbs international distribution has said they are eager for availing the content in India.
ViacomCBS coowned streaming service voot and vootselect have seen enormous growth where voot standing as no.2 most engaged platform in India and voot select having more than a million monthly subscription.

There are currently two deals in front
1. To merge paramount plus with voot and carry out same strategy as Disney+hotstar

2. To rollout paramount plus as separate service
However getting success with less local content is a hit hard so merge of 2 services to form a mega content house is most likely to happen.

Speaking about the strategy voot select head said they will get clear picture within a few months and their team is ready with everything to go big and seeing paramount plus launch in India within end of 3rd quarter in india.

source : Paramount Plus Content Finds Home on India’s Voot Select (EXCLUSIVE)


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11 Nov 2019
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Buddy! Don't post such misleading things with some stories which doesn't say that.

That guy Ferzad Palia clearly said, there are no talks on how they wanna proceed in India with Paramount+ and he said clearly it will take 3-6months just to come to that point. So, no way it's coming to India in 3 months. As I said please don't post misleading things here. Also while posting some stories and articles pls do follow Forum rules on how to do that as well.
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