Panasonic’s 152-inch TV goes on sale


12 Jan 2012
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Panasonic’s 152-inch TV goes on sale


A 152 inch Panasonic television weighing 600 kilos has gone on sale for 600,000 pounds at Harrods, UK's departmental store chain.

The set's 4K2K technology has four times as many pixels as a conventional high definition TV set, and creates a separate 3D image in HD for each eye, the Telegraph reported.

The screen is the same size as nine 50-inch displays stacked in three rows, featuring a 4096 x 2160 resolution.

A prototype of the 152-inch TV was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2010.

Panasonic claims its plasma display offers full HD 3D quality at a resolution that is unavailable on conventional sets.

The TH-152UX1W is ordinarily sold as a professional display, but Harrods' new technology department is adding it to a range of expensive cameras, loudspeakers and mobile phones in a new technology department that officially opens on Thursday.

The set's 17:9 ratio is the same as that used in cinemas, and Harrods anticipates it appealing to the same customers who purchase its range of limited edition Swarovski-encrusted BlackBerry smartphones
Indeed, World's Largest...

i guess it would be only for Limited Customers and that too too pricy :( :'(
Well bapun is busy with his satellite tracking i guess he will be interested in this huge toy too :huh
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