Nokia Innovates: What are they Researching?


5 Aug 2011
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The Nokia Developer Conference is happening today in Bangalore with hundreds of developers from across the country in attendance. During the conference, Zhen Liu, the Head of Nokia Research Growth Economies Lab addressed the gathering and revealed some of the interesting things Nokia is researching.
Here are some of them that looked quite cool:

> Nokia has been anonymously collecting GPS data from smartphone GPS users to analyze traffic data and congestion. The project, formerly known as Traffic Works, and now- Mobile Millenium is attempting to provide users with a Personal Travel Assistant which will not only help in navigation but will inform you of optimum routes and time.

> Gaze Tracker is another research project with serious implications on the way we may use mobile phones in the future. It entails a user wearing a Near-to-Eye display (a device that looks similar to a pair of chunky sunglasses) with the UI getting projected right in front of the eyes. The device will then detect where in the UI the user is looking at with the help of infra-red illumination. Subsequently users will be able to navigate the UI just using their gaze.

> Nokia also showed off their new developments in inputting Indic languages into a smartphone. Instead of having separate consonants and vowel keys, the adaptive keypad gives you vowel combinations for every consonant you type using the Devanagari script. Nokia mentioned during their presentation that they were working on other Indian languages too.

source : pc world
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