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28 Apr 2018
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considering Sony merged both Funimation & Crunchyroll into one service - Crunchyroll even Crunchyroll India started adding more Funimation and newer anime titles. thought to start this thread , although there is another anime only thread - this thread would only focus on new content added on Crunchyroll India app or website. only one difference from now after this thread only popular & new anime series addition series would be posted in separate thread in web series section . otherwise it would be posted in this thread itself. Crunchyroll India started adding both English dub and subs earlier was only limited to subs and only few series were available in Indian region. still there are some anime series which are not available in Indian region it has been reduced to some extent. only post anime addition which is available in Indian region here in this thread.


Blue Reflection Ray is an spin off anime series based on blue ray titled anime video of PlayStation or pc game. anime series episodes were added on Crunchyroll India . they both struggle from emotion or introversion - they have are reflectors who help people to resolve emotional trouble and problems . they need to work together to help other peoples emotional problems and protect their hearts.

this one is restricted series can only be watched after logging into the site without logging in cant watch that short animated series. this one is short parody type series . as it is restricted type series I'm not interested as its seem to be parody type series that's why just mentioned the link and haven't posted description about the series.
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Sasaski and Miyano - light , comedy - romcom (focusing on boys ) high school anime series added on Crunchyroll India . this type of anime series ls getting popular among mostly girls anime fans & even some girls k-pop fans. both eng sub & dub episodes added.


She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man - its isekai genre - in this anime a person playing online game MMO ( Massively Multiplayer online role game ) - while playing his mmorg game online he was transferred to game world as test character as pupil of wise man and he is a small girl pupil in the game . this anime series both eng sub & dub eps added in Crunchyroll India


Mieruko- chan - anime series is about high school girl who is able to see dead people & other worldly beings and chooses to ignore them .that's miko's plan which results into horrifying and sometimes hilarious results. its mix of horror and comedy - horror scenes are are really scary - comedy scenes helps to reduce the scary atmosphere . both eng sub & dub episodes added in Crunchyroll India .
I believe Shadows House S2, Engage Kiss and Lycoris Recoil will be also available on Crunchyroll India since they're owned by Sony's Aniplex. Looks like they forgot to list India. Also Shadows House S1 is available on Crunchyroll India.



Lycoris Recoil - Anime series now added on Crunchyroll India . new episodes would be updated on Saturdays at 9:30 PM IST ( local japenese cafe from making coffe, consultancy service , fighting zombies they do all in one type consultancy service along with running the cafe - thy even offer local delivery service and try to meet he order interesting anime series


Engage Kiss - Anime series now added on Crunchyroll India . new episodes would be updated on Saturdays at 10:30 PM IST (romcom anime about three individual one guy living a meagre life running small business , one high school girl doing part time job , an ex gf or classmate of the guy works in corporation both girls are worried about him - all these people live in artificial floating island in pacific ocean - slapstick their romcom moments)


TEPPEN!!!!!!!!!!! Laughin "til You Cry - titled Anime series now added on Crunchyroll India. new episodes would be updated on Saturdays at 7:30 PM IST 9based online trading card game - according to title seems to be comedy anime genre )

Fate/Grand Carnival - OVA (Original Video Animation) Anime series - English sub & English dub episodes now added in Crunchyroll India

Fate/Grand Carnival - OVA (Original Video Animation) Anime series - English sub & English dub episodes now added in Crunchyroll India
They delayed and added this today, because today is 5th anniversary of Fate Grand Order English version and that's why they released Fate Grand Carnival in English dub and sub today worldwide as celebration for anniversary of game.

This one is another odd titled anime series - simulcast episodes would be added on Crunchyroll India on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm (IST) . as it is odd type titled series decided not to post much description story could be understood just by seeing the anime title.


The Prince of Tennis II U-17 World Cup - The anime series focuses on season 2 of U-17 world cup of tennis how the prince of tennis competes with other countries tennis teams. the new episodes would be simulcasted on Wednesdays at 9:30 pm (IST) on Crunchyroll India


Hanabichan~ The girl who popped out of the game world~ The anime series episodes would be simulcast updated on Sundays at 7:30 Pm (ISR)


Shadows House - Season 1 , Anime series episodes were added earlier in Crunchyroll India

Shadows House - Season 2 - Anime series episodes would be simulcast updated on Fridays at 10:00 PM (IST ) in Crunchyroll India . this one has really interesting plotline. do watch first watch season 1 episodes to understand the season 2 better .
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