My home pc not working.[Now solved]


31 Jul 2011
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after returning from my home village, i found my pc not working . I dont know what happened. It is not switching on. I have to take to repair.

Now it is working fine.
RE: My home pc not working.

ok.. karthik.... call a service engineer and get it repaired soon... Check for short circuit at the connection terminals of power supply too... Sometimes it happens due to loose connection and we forget to detect it thinking that something wrong in our Desktop...

Hope u will be back soon on ur home computer too... :)
RE: My home pc not working.

ya, but if you cant fix it , call cc and they send a technician to your home with in minutes.....
RE: My home pc not working.

Thanks biswa bro for valuable inputs.
RE: My home pc not working.

Thanks karthik.... we are waiting for you to be back on ur home computer ...
My regards to entire Karthik family too... :)
RE: My home pc not working.

Since your PC was not in use for few days ...
Problem may be with SMPS or weak capacitors of your motherboard.
Till service engineer comes to your place, try to do following trick.
I suggest you to connect your PC to power for 15-20 minutes then try for a boot.
RE: My home pc not working.

Thanks mystic. I am following your trick.
RE: My home pc not working.

old pc. Bought 2004.
Minimum configuration only. I thought to upgrade soon
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