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Mozilla Firefox for iOS update promises more speed and flexibility


21 Jun 2013
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Mozilla has rolled out Firefox web browser update for iOS users. When Mozilla Firefox was launched as a web browser for iOS, it received warmly by the industry with millions of app downloads. The browser however lacked the features available on its desktop equivalent, but Mozilla has released some major improvements in its latest update. Mozilla claims that, “These improvements will give users more speed, flexibility and choice.”

The testing of the updated Firefox showed a 40 per cent reduction in CPU usage and 30 per cent reduction in memory use, which will make for faster web browsing and conservation of precious battery. The updated browser allows for search engines from websites like Wikipedia (One tap access) to be searched on directly from the address bar.

Firefox has reworked on its menu for the mobile browser, and has added a brand new menu on the toolbar for quick access, giving easier navigational access to frequently used features. The browser will also let you easily recover closed tabs and navigate opened tabs.

Mozilla Firefox will now have a “home” button in its menu that will make for a quick return to your designated home page. The update is already available on the Apple App Store.

Mozilla, the maker of Firefox web browser had recently announced that it will stop Flash support starting August. The company says Mozilla and the Web have been taking steps to lower the need for Flash content in everyday browsing of a typical user. Flash makes for interactive content, but often leads to unstable experience and performance issues.

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