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Mozilla Firefox to drop support for Flash starting from August


21 Jun 2013
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Mozilla, the maker of Firefox web browser has announced that it will stop support Flash usage starting from August. The company says Mozilla and the Web have been taking steps to lower the need for Flash content in everyday browsing of a typical user.

Flash has often enabled experiences like videos and interactive content on the Web but its introduction often leads to unstable experience or performance issues. Flash has been used by attackers to exploit security vulnerabilities.
Last month Mozilla blocked Flash by default on its Firefox browser due to Flash vulnerability. Firefox notes in a blog post that its browser will block only flash content that are not essential to the user experience. Firefox, however, will continue to support legacy Flash content.

Firefox improves better user experience, stability and battery life with the new implementation. For long the industry has called against the use of Flash. Apple has blocked Flash from its Safari browser from the start and in 2011, Adobe itself decided to stop developing Flash player for mobile devices.

Firefox plans to further improve the user experience by implementing Web APIs instead of plugins for audio and video playback and even streaming content. With most tech companies adopting HTML5 as alternative to Adobe Flash, the days of Flash definitely looks numbered.

Mozilla Firefox to drop support for Flash starting from August | The Indian Express
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