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Microsoft Introduces CRM R7 2011


5 Aug 2011
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Microsoft has announced the availability of CRM R7 2011 in India.

In a bid to strengthen lead generation and accelerate customer and influencer outreach, Microsoft has integrated social collaboration capabilities, unified Office 365 experience and new enterprise cloud features further in CRM R7 2011.

The software features Social Collaboration, Conversations, Automated Activity Feeds and Micro Blogging also through the Windows 7 phone. R7 2011 simplifies cloud service management by offering a common administration, billing and provisioning platform with Office 365. it improves disaster recovery features with in-region replication to help protect data and enable business continuity.

CRM R7 2011 is available on CRM Online, the cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM offering, and for the on-premise and partner-hosted deployments in India.

“Over the years, we have worked together with Microsoft to help customers streamline their business processes and stay ahead in the competitive market. We are excited about the release of the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM R7 2011 service update, and confident that its robust and scalable foundation will enable us to provide customized solutions to our customers to meet their business objectives. This roll-out focuses on social collaboration capabilities allowing users to view the activity feed conversations and any updates from social channel within the CRM application. It also provides a unified Microsoft Office 365 experience, seamless integration with SharePoint Online, and Extended Mobile Integration with Windows Phone 7 thereby enabling organizations to develop a deeper connect with their customers and internal sales teams and hence drive higher productivity,” said Chetan Pathak, Country Manager, Tectura, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Customers can log on to http://crm.dynamics.com/nov2011 and sign up to get a 30-day free trial. The new features are delivered at no additional cost and add functionality to the experiences and tools already in use, Microsoft said.

source : crn
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