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Facebook introduces unified inbox for Pages, Messenger and Instagram

21 Jun 2013
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Facebook will let businesses using Pages app bring together messages from Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger into one platform. The idea is to help businesses which are using Facebook’s services to keep a track of the high volumes of requests and communications they might receive on their ‘digital channels’.

“We’re now making it possible for businesses to link their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts so that they can manage communications across all three channels in a single place. The updated inbox makes it easier than ever to communicate with customers at any time and in any location,” said the Facebook team in an online post.

According to Facebook, businesses can save time taken in responding to users on all three platforms with a single app now. “You’ll be able to quickly scan all three channels for new updates and feel confident that you aren’t missing an important message,” the post added. Businesses will be able to reply to Facebook comments, messages, visitor posts and Instagram comments in the inbox app by simply tapping on the one to respond.

The app will also give a basic information page of the person to the Page managers. Simply tapping on the person’s name will open up his/her available profile, and will also show their previous interactions with the business. If users do not want to go through all three feeds, they can continue to scan messages and posts directly in the apps.

The updated inbox will be a global roll out to all those using the Pages Manager mobile app and it will take place over the coming weeks. Facebook also says that to use this feature admins and page managers will have to connect their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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