Mandriva Linux Is In Your Hands Now


13 Feb 2011
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Jean-Manuel Croset, CEO of Mandriva SA, announced last evening, May 17th, in a blog post, that the company decided to cease the Mandriva Linux operating system and transfer the responsibility to an independent entity.

"Dear users, friends, fans and supporters of the Mandriva Linux distribution, after reviewing all your messages, suggestions, ideas and comments, Mandriva SA took the decision to transfer the responsibility of the Mandriva Linux distribution to an independent entity."

"We believe that this new approach is the best to achieve a better relation of Mandriva Linux with its community and to encourage the contributions that will lead to issue the best possible products." - said Jean-Manuel Croset, CEO of Mandriva SA.

Mandriva SA asks the open source community to take over the Mandriva Linux operating system within the next months.

Mandriva is dead! Long live Mandriva!

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