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Good News LAVA's Republic Day special


The Virus razed Humans, raised Humanity💪
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6 May 2012
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If nothing would be there. I will simply just report and team member will merge it to general discussion or close the thread.

Right. i have seen you doing this. That's exactly why we have suggested you to post in general discussion thread. That would simply avoid your report and the required moderation. You have agreed that you are a responsible person, and we just want the same from you. The same thing happened with the level up campaign from micromax. It turned out to be product for which we already had a thread. You reported and we had to merge it. We can avoid that right. We know you are a long term and also a responsible person, that's why we expected this from YOU. Can't expect this from a newbie. If it was from some unknown member this thread would have been closed by now. You, being a senior member, might have seen such thread closures in the past. This thread is still open for discussion because of the respect you earned all these years.

I already posted my views, never saw this kind of objections to other thousand single post threads which are about some launch or sale which ends up with single post but this was it.

That's my view. And that's it.

This is not about "single post thread". And you have given some unrelated/general view but not to the specific question. You either didn't understand or didn't want to understand. I couldn't explain better. I am sorry. But just one last thing, just because someone is doing a mistake we shouldn't do the same mistake. If you really find a thread without any content, hit the report button. Don't post/support another thread with no content claiming that the other guy has also posted.

Sai Jai

5 Jan 2015
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I'm Indian and yes I'll support Indian brands
What is the qualification of being a Indian ?? supporting these mobile brands ?? Come on how childish thought this is .. I'll support brands based on performance not based on country tag .. product must be user friendly , budget friendly most important must be a trustworthy if a particular product doesn't meet the above requirements then i won't support being it Indian tag or Chinese tag I won't care about that .. pls don't induct ur personal favourite products here forum not for you it's for us
If not here somewhere else
Please lot of social media sites are there forum is for knowledge sharing not for favourite product promotions ..
If you have problem just block me
If i thought so i won't speak here just will do what you had suggested but my intention nothing like that we just wanted to make you understand that's it
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Ashok L

15 Oct 2013
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Completely agree with Madhan bro, whenever I see and open this kinds of thread thinking as new product launch but it turns out just to be a teaser or promotional campaigns from that company....

@hike bro, I respect you and lot of news shared on this forum, but I hope that in future you can post in general discussions thread, as i felt dejected on opening this thread. This is my humble feedback 🙂

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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@hike bro, I was going to answer you but @mmadhankumar bro has said everything that I was supposed to say.

But, @Bapun Raz bro tell me one thread of mine related to Lava has no sense?

The answer for the above-quoted part:
The same thing happened with the level up campaign from micromax. It turned out to be product for which we already had a thread. You reported and we had to merge it. We can avoid that right.

Even if you people have problem with my thread just message me privately. See guys I know you can't say it clear but if you want I stop posting thread I'll not. But, don't humiliate me.
We are happy with your presence. But you should not create unnecessary threads, that's all I wanted to convey in my last post. If my tone was rude, that's because I have been regularly reading such posts coming from you. I apologize for my tone. But my views about your posts are still the same.

This is all I wanted to say ⬇️

These are promotional campaigns run by social teams of every brand. I am sure you will find such things for other brands as well.

You can post such things on the general discussion about mobiles thread but making separate threads every time is not needed.
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