Lava Agni 5G

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Another problem is It does nt support all bands for 5g
Does it really matters?
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Bro asking for much at this price
Not asking at that price. They can charge 20k instead and give an AMOLED Display. It would still sell great, as no other brands are providing such specs. Like it or not, displays have become a huge selling point for phones (atleast in the online market).
For media consumption, may be AMOLED is better, but for day to day usage, IPS LCD with 90Hz can do wonders. I am in awe with screen on Samsung M12 which is HD+ TFT LCD with 90Hz. Didnt expect it to be that good!! Price vs Benefit of LCD, AMOLED doesnt excite me though.

Lava made a decent attempt, and might be one of cheapest phone wrt offering for months to come. All the best to Lava. But I still wont recommend it to someone just yet. Will wait for the user reviews and may be get a hands on before that
At 20 k, if they will give Amoled with 90 HZ and 6/64 or 6/128 then i will buy it with out a thought. I don't need 8/128 GB.
Tweet them about this. BTW I don't think it's going to be possible anytime soon for any company to offer AMOLED at 20K and that too with powerful processor like MTK810.
Redmi note 10T had to skip Amoled just to be meaningful in that lineup so it could include 5G and keep the price low. A proper 5G with AMOLED under 20K may not be possible. May be a few downgrades in camera or battery can bring the price down. Its high time someone gets a small 5G Amoled phone under 20K

Edit -- Its Redmi Note 10T and its 5G*. Redmi needs to stop confusing people with its lineup :)
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