K7 To Target The Indian Enterprise


5 Aug 2011
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Chennai head quartered anti-virus vendor K7 Computing is all set enter the enterprise antivirus and security market. After its success in Japan and Western Europe, the vendor has also started exploring English speaking countries in Middle East-Africa and South East Asia as potential market for their product line.

“We are traditionally regarded as a consumer security vendor. We are hoping to change that soon with launch of the enterprise edition of our software. We have already done a soft launch in Japan and some of the German speaking countries. And the product would be launched in India shortly,” said S Srinivasan, Senior VP Sales & Marketing, K7 Computing India.

K7 presently sells three version of its antivirus products all targeted at single PC users-- K7 VirusSecurity Premium, K7 TotalSecurity and K7 UltimateSecurity, that are priced on the street between Rs 300 and Rs 1000 per user license.

“While we do have several SMB and enterprise customers, they have been buying multiple single user licenses, that are primarily meant for single PC users. We already have several customer sites running beta tests of our enterprise edition, and the reports are good,” he claimed.

K7 has signed on Proxma AG for the European market, Distrosec for Ireland and England, AK Infos for Middle East, Sales Effect and Debug SRL for Mediteranean markets. Compuage distributes the antivirus software to the consumer segment in India.

Srinivasan said that K7's Virus Hunter program which was launched around a year back has become not only a successful channel program, but also a channel for the product support team to receive patterns of the latest viruses, as and when it is discovered. The program was targeted at customer support engineers of K7 partners, and partner team members get benefited for reporting virus attacks. “We have so far redeemed 700 plus cases. It helps us also connect with the actual reseller making the sale to end user.”

source : crn
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