Jio providing 2 GB additional data in Chennai circle?


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6 May 2012
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Hello friends. I request the members who are Jio customers, in and around Chennai to check your data usage from myjio app.

Yesterday when I returned home from work, my wife informed me that she had her mobile hotspot connected to our Android TV for many hours and the data was still working. Intrigued, i checked myjio app for the remaining data and found her entire daily data INTACT.

To test it further, I forced all apps to FHD and continued watching few shows. After watching few programs finally the data got exhausted. And when I checked the myjio app, it showed almost 3.5 GB data usage.


And then i checked my data usage and I had all of my 2gb intact. Initially i thought it might be a glitch. So thought of testing it today as well.

I didn't use wifi today and decided to use mobile data at all times. Also informed wife to watch shows on OTT apps than regular TV. When I came back from work today this is what I found,


This is my wife's data usage. As you can see 2.2gb data used while myjio app shows only 0.2gb reduction.



This is my data usage. My 2gb quota is intact although I have used 1.2gb.

Looks like there's a 2GB additional data over and above the daily quota for both of us. Anyone else could confirm this?

NB: although I am on 5G trial pack, i am currently at 4G area only. So that can't be the reason for this.
Most likely a glitch nothing here you should enjoy while it lasts
Most likely a glitch nothing here you should enjoy while it lasts
Not glitch bro. Jio usually gives 2 GB free for 3 days sometimes. I have received it myself several times. It's not visible on app though.
Even I have got 5G welcome offer activated and 5G is not available here till now. They are constantly messaging me to change network settings/update handset software. They did also credit my account with 3 GB free data for updating my software two days ago. Anyway, my software is already updated and now it's their turn to bring 5G to my location.
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