iPhone 4S reportedly suffering from battery life issues


5 Aug 2011
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Like the initially flawed iPhone 4 with its glaring death-grip flaw or antenna issues, it looks like the recently launched iPhone 4S is suffering from its own performance issues, such as a low battery life.
While the fix of the issue is much simpler this time around, and will probably just require a software or resource management patch, it appears to be affecting a large fraction of customers, with more than a thousand posts on the issue up on Apple’s support forums.
Apple seems to be aware of the issue, with reports of it contacting affected users spreading over the internet. Speculation about the possible cause of the issue seems to be centred around the iOS 5’s Location Services, with the device constantly checking time zones, and draining battery power. If this is indeed the issue, a temporary fix for users is simple – switch off the automatic Setting Time Zone feature.
While the culprit is thought to be iOS 5, there have been no publicized reports of older generation hardware suffering from the similar problem under the new OS. Some users think it is something bigger than location services that is causing the drain, and even fresh-installed the OS to ensure there were no extra applications running in the background, to no avail. To be noted however, is that not every iPhone 4S owner is facing a problem with battery life.

Source : Digit
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