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5 Sep 2011
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I'm just going to express my views on the whole "iPad does not do content creation" argument that people seem so stuck on. Many will probably disagree with me, however, I'd absolutely love to hear opinions from other iPad users or iPad haters.

I'm a musician, as well as a graphic designer. I feel that people have pigeonholed the iPad, from the beginning, as a device with no productive capabilities. My feeling is that text is not the only form of productivity, and that people seem to forget this. Something about the iPad opens up a surge of creativity for me, and I'm sure many others on this forum. The keyboard may not be the best for typing, and maybe carrying a Bluetooth keyboard isn't ideal for everybody, but I think it's rather shortsighted to hate on an entire form factor based on only one form of content creation.

In music, it serves as a musical journal. It's like nothing else out there. You can map out a new piece in GarageBand or even begin composing in something like Symphony Pro. Being able to start a piece in GarageBand and export it to Logic Pro is killer! For artists and designers there are incredible productivity tools like Sketchbook Pro and my favourite, Procreate. In education, while not always used for content creation, the iPad is revolutionary. This could really change education as we know it. The iPad helps cater not only to the curriculum but, more importantly, each student, as an individual. Apps help to focus more on learning than only the test, and students who used to feel as if they were held back or weren't as good as other students are finding, through the iPad, that learning differently doesn't have to mean not learning at all.

So, I'd love to hear some of your opinions on the iPad for content creation and even how you've made use of the iPad.

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