Intel launches Future Scientist Programme


12 Jan 2012
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Intel launches Future Scientist Programme

NEW DELHI: Global chip giant Intel launched the Future Scientist Programme, which aims to train science teachers in delivering the curriculum in an enquiry-based manner to the students.

"Today, what is required is a more engaging way of teaching rather than just teaching what is there in the course. Kindling the spirit of enquiry will be very crucial for India's continued growth as a knowledge economy," Intel President India and Vice President (Technology, Manufacturing and Enterprise Services Group) Praveen Vishakantaiah said here.

Under the programme, Intel will work with NGOs, social organisations and state governments to execute the roll out of the programme, helping students develop scientific skills and expertise.

The programme consists of seven modules that are delivered over two days of training comprising enquiry-based learning, facilitating scientific inquiry from the classroom to the science fair.

"Technology is amongst the greatest tools to advance education and we need innovative programs that have challenging curricula to prepare our students for the careers of the future," he said.

Intel already runs various education initiatives in the country. It has been working with government and other decision making bodies since 1999 to improve teaching and learning in both formal and informal educational environments through the effective use of technology.

Its programmes include Intel Teach, Intel Learn, Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science (IRIS), Intel Higher Education programme, among others.

- Times Of India
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