Indian telco launches 4G product for American market


7 Apr 2011
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NEW DELHI: Indian Telecom product manufacturer Kavveri Telecom announced launch of a linearly Polarised customer premise equipment (CPE) antenna, for North American market.

"The 4G or LTE (Long Term Evaluation) technology in frequency band of 698 to 960 Mhz. This antenna will serve need of companies for providing LTE and other services in the these frequency bands," Shivakumar Reddy, Managing Director, Kavveri Telecom told PTI.

Reddy mentioned that Kavveri has invested Rs 35 million in development of the product.

"This product has been designed and developed by Kavveri's research and development department in India," Reddy added.

After the North American markets, Kavveri Telecom is planning to take this product to markets like European, Middle East and African market.

The 4G antenna launched today can also cater need of cellular, broadband and mobile TV services in India.

Wireless Planning Commission , custodian of spectrum in India, has proposed to use 700 Mhz frequency band for cellular and wireless broadband in the proposed National Frequency Allocation Plan on the basis of which spectrum is allocated to companies.
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