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5 Oct 2015
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India last won the ICC competition in 2013. Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the Champions Trophy by defeating England on the soil of England. Since then, India has repeatedly failed in major competitions in the last 10 years. The baton of leadership has passed from Dhoni's hand to Virat Kohli's to Rohit Sharma's. But the result did not change. The team had to go to the semi-final or final of the ICC competition and lose. In the last 10 years, India have reached the semi-finals or finals of any ICC competition 8 times. They lost 8 times.

T20 World Cup Final (2014)

Three years ago, Sri Lanka avenged the loss in the one-day World Cup. They defeated India in the T20 World Cup final. India scored 130 runs batting first in Mirpur, Bangladesh. Virat scored 77 runs. Sri Lanka won the match by 6 wickets with 13 balls remaining. Kumar Sangakkara remained unbeaten on 52 runs

One Day World Cup Semi-Finals (2015)

India had to lose that time against Australia. Batting first, Australia scored 328 runs for 7 wickets. In reply, India were all out for 233 runs.

T20 World Cup Semi-Final (2016)

India had a chance to win the T20 World Cup on home soil. India batted first and scored 192 runs against West Indies in Mumbai in the semi-final. But even that did not win. Lendl Simmons and Andre Russell won the bat match for West Indies. They were the world champions that time.

Champions Trophy Final (2017)

India had to lose to Pakistan at England's Oval. Batting first, Pakistan scored 338 runs for 4 wickets due to the failure of the Indian bowlers. Fakhr Zaman scored a hundred. In response, the Indian batting collapsed. India lost to Pakistan by 180 runs.

One Day World Cup Semi-Finals (2019)

India lose yet another World Cup semi-final. This time the name of opponent is New Zealand. Batting first in that match in England, New Zealand scored 239 runs for 8 wickets. India were bowled out for 221 runs. Dhoni retired from international cricket after that match.

Test World Cup Final (2021)

India lost to New Zealand in the first final of the World Test Championship. Batting in the first innings, India were all out for 217 runs. New Zealand scored 249 runs in the first innings. In the second innings, India was all out for 170 runs. New Zealand won the match by losing only 2 wickets.

T20 World Cup Semi-Finals (2022)

Batting first against England in Australia, India scored 168 runs for 6 wickets. In reply, England won the match without losing any wicket. India lost the match by 10 wickets.

Test World Cup Final (2023)

India lose in the final of the World Test Championship for the second time. In the first innings, Australia scored 469 runs based on the centuries of Steve Smith and Travis Head. India were bowled out for 296 in the first innings. Australia declared 270 runs for 8 wickets in the second innings. India's second innings ended on 234 runs. Australia won the match by 209 runs.
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Now need 2007 50 ovs wc type treatment needed by fans
Then something will happen

Don't care much. I have an IPL to care for every year. On top of that our cricket team doesn't waste one cent off taxpayer's money. As long as they give me entertainment on summer evenings. I don't care. There is no bragging rights winning in a sport of which half the world hasn't even heard about.
I see from another perspective. The fact is that we were always in top 3 but not the top team to go through the distance and finally won in the last 6-7 years. This has to be accepted as there were weakness which were one or other way exposed in the knockout be it one day T20 or Test. Now the situation started become alarming in the bilateral series too. Until the same is addressed without being partial and bringing new players in the team with no importance to IPL it will be very difficult to reverse the trend.
Upping this thread.

1. Star worshiping by broadcaster.
2. Overconfidence and self branding of players. Stadium crowd didn't help either.
3. Toxic attitude of fans.
4. Dead live crowd who doesn't contribute to our confidence.
5. That stadium. Try shifting important events to other stadiums too.
What is this nonsense thread? Shameless fans. Fans like you don't deserve anything
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