Indian crew of MV Suez may reach home in 3 days.


2 May 2011
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New Delhi: Even after released last week by Somali pirates for $2 million ransom, the nightmarish journey continues for the sailors of Egyptian merchant vessel MV Suez. While moving out from the troubled water, they were nearly hijacked by another group of pirates.

The 18 crew members of Egyptian merchant vessel MV Suez, including six Indians, have now been moved to the Pakistan Navy's PNS Babur after they had to abandon ship after their fuel ran out and a tug boat failed to reach them due to bad weather.

MV Suez was on its way to the Omani port of Salalah when it ran out of fuel and began taking on water in stormy weather. On getting a call for assistance, Pakistan Navy chief Admiral Noman Bashir ordered the vessel's crew to be shifted to the frigate PNS Babur, which was escorting it.

Pakistani social activist Ansar Burney, who facilitated their release, told CNN-IBN that the sailors will be home in three days.

"Hopefully they will be reach Karachi in the next 2-3 days. Once they do, I will immediately send them to India. They are on PNS Babur right now but they are going to be shifted to PNS Zulfiqar, which will bring them to Karachi," said Burney.

"When they arrive in Karachi, I will escort them to airport and send them to their respective countries without any delay. I will call the Indian High Commission and will inform them of the programme. I would have no objection if they want to receive their people. I want to send the sailors to their families in India because they are waiting. All the sailors are in good health and will be reach their homes within the next 2-3 days," he added.

The Indian sailors too were a little upbeat as they anticipate their return.

"We have been successfully rescued and are sailing now. We have no clue of our next location, as Ansar Burney is getting everything done. He will only let us know, where exactly we are going to be stationed next," said sailor Ravinder Singh.
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