India becomes second largest LinkedIn nation


2 May 2011
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India has surpassed China to become the second largest market of the social networking site LinkedIn. With a gigantic user base of 14 million users, India is only behind the U.S. According to LinkedIn's Chief Executive, Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn has expanded its user base in India by 300 per cent in last three years.

LinkedIn hit 10 million users in India in June last year. The social networking had kicked off its India operations in 2009. Despite the stiff competition from other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has managed to grow consistently. LinkedIn, however, mainly focusses on interconnecting professional and businesses. The site now also helps users find jobs and like the companies/organisations.

LinkedIn is now used for a range of purposes, including holding interactive activities such as forming groups, conducting polls and Q&A. The social networking site boasts of association with several Indian big and small brands.
"LinkedIn connects talent with opportunity at a massive scale. Ultimately, our vision is to create an economic opportunity for every professional," says Jeff Weiner.

LinkedIn is also eyeing India's massive mobile user base that is around 700 million. India is also poised to become the second largest mobile broadband market globally, with 367 million subscribers in next four years. "The Indian market has shown a real propensity for social connectivity," says Weiner. "So, in that regard, it is not surprising."

Source: Economic Times
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