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Good News IEA praises Modi govt for taking electricity to every village; calls India 'star performer'


2 Oct 2018
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First need to understand this what’s the parameter to check if a village is electrified?
According to the Government site data.gov.in a village would be declared as electrified if:

1) Basic infrastructure such as Distribution Transformer and Distribution lines are provided in the inhabited locality as well as the Dalit Basti/ hamlet where it exists. (For electrification through Non Conventional Energy Sources a Distribution transformer may not be necessary).

2) Electricity is provided to public places like Schools, Panchayat Office, Health Centres, Dispensaries, Community centers, etc. and

3) the number of households electrified should be at least 10% of the total number of households in the village. The data contains details on the progress made towards village electrification for the month. The detail includes the cumulative achievement, percentage of villages electrified along with the number of electrified villages.
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2 Oct 2018
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No doubt a massive accomplishment, but a closer look at what constitutes “electrified” reveals how much further India has to go. According to official data, only 1,417 of India’s 18,452 villages, or 7.3% of the total, have 100% household connectivity, and about 31 million homes are still in the dark. The government deems a village “electrified” if power cables from the grid reach a transformer in each village and 10% of its households, as well as public places such as schools and health centers, are connected.

Modi Announces '100% Village Electrification', But 31 Million Indian Homes Are Still In The Dark
All that glitters is not gold.
Till,now almost each and every scheme of Jumlaians have failed,what they have is :Media support,Corporate support,hatemongering leaders,strong it cell team to sell lies,good orators,which they were using to change the narrative ,and presenting things the way thy suit them but people like Dhruv Rathi,and introduction of facts checking websites are spoiling their game plans and people are becoming aware of the realities of jumlas.
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